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Science is a very important genre in education since it helps us to understand our environment and anything that surrounds us and how to cope with it. Science is a subject that students can easily hate and that's why science teachers should be very passionate in explaining the subject to them.Science is complex and very involving, however, it is a very interesting subject. As a science teacher, you must have a deep understanding of all related topics to help the students embrace the subject. For science teaching jobs a lot of passion and skills is needed from individuals in order to be able to equip students in the specific fields like chemistry, Biology or Physics. Qualifications are needed science teacher vary depending on the level you want to teach. The requirements for teaching since in secondary and primary levels are almost the same as the other subject areas. Below are some very crucial requirements needed to get a science teaching job

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Education and Training Levels

A bachelor's degree in science education is one key requirement especially in higher levels of education. One may take a degree in a specialized field in Science like Maths or Chemistry. You can also do a general science degree and take professional courses to specialize in your area. Once you have taken certifications you are bound to stick in the specific area for the rest of your career. In college and university levels, a science teacher is known as a professor or instructor and for you to become one you need to have a Ph.D. in Science or in specialized fields like organic chemistry or Physics.

Knowledge in Different Scientific Fields.

Science is very wide and mostly topics and fields relate to each other. If you are looking forward to being a science teacher, you must be knowledgeable in different fields and types of science. This means that you should take courses in Organic Chemistry, Biology, general science so that you may be prepared to teach in any school if you are required to. Having the scientific knowledge in different fields makes you more appealing to prospective employers.


Most Schools require science teachers to complete an approved teacher preparation program and take a certification exam. If you wish to teach in lower education levels one is needed to a general science exam whereas in higher education levels they require specialized exams in either Biology, Physics or Chemistry.

Basic Skills and Experience

When looking to be a science teacher, you must be able to make science accessible to your students. Always remember that they are not experts or people to compete with you, therefore, explain the concepts in the simplest way possible. During practical's, look for interesting ways to explain the concepts to avoid dull sessions. Make those students who don't enjoy the subject love it

Teaching License.

Most states require you to be licensed to teach in public primary or secondary schools. The license should be renewed regularly as per the laws in the specific state. The licensing rule however, does not apply mostly in private school.